HepC Herba’s ingredients have been used historically and widely in Chinese population and are reported to be safe for human consumption.  HepC Herba has been used by seven (7) hepatitis C patients in Taiwan and normalized their liver function within six (6) months of consumption and showed no apparent adverse side effects.  HepC Herba also has been consumed in the United States so far by eight (8) persons, including five (5) Asians, two (2) African Americans, and one (1) Caucasian, for up to three months.  No adverse side effects are observed.

HepC Herba has helped the Caucasian who has hepatitis C with genotype 1b HCV.  His liver enzymes levels showed neither improvement nor worsening at the first month of consumption.  His liver enzymes levels showed 10 to 20 % improvement at the second month of consumption.  His blood viral load improved 18 % (1,330,000 to 1,090,000 HCV RNA/PCR) at the first month and 72 % (1,330,000 to 376,000 HCV RNA/PCR) at the second month of consumption.  We are looking forward to see further improvement on his liver function and viral load.

It is noted that HCV genotype 1b is a low responder to the current FDA-approved interferon and interferon/ribavirin combination therapies.  The current interferon and interferon/ribavirin combination therapies are very costly ($20,000 to $24,000 for a 6-month treatment cycle) and have very undesirable adverse effects, including severe depression and suicidal tendency.

It is also noted that each of the HepC Herba’s ingredients has been tested to be anti-HIV exo vivo.  We feel HepC Herba may help those who have HIV infections, especially those who have HIV/HCV coinfections.

We suggest people who have hepatitis C and plan to take HepC Herba as an herbal supplement should have their blood checked before and during the course of consumption.  Blood chemistry, including liver enzymes, is preferably checked every month.  Blood viral load is preferably checked at least every three (3) months.  We suggest to take two and quarter teaspoons, or 5.5 grams, of the HepC Herba powder, three (3) times a day for six (6) months.  After six (6) months or the viral load is decreased to undetectable levels, the person should continue consumption of HepC Herba at a reduced rate, such as twice or once a day, for an additional eighteen (18) months.

We expect no adverse side effects.  As a precaution, however, persons who plan to consume HepC Herba should always be aware of any possible adverse allergic responses if occurr and let us know as soon as possible.  We have not experienced any adverse allergic responses to HepC Herba so far.

For consumption, we suggest to disperse first the HepC Herba powder in about 150 mL of preheated warm water (e.g., microwave for 90 to 100 seconds).  Additional water or favorable juice is added to dilute the herbal drink and improve the taste.  Honey or sweetner may be added to make the herbal drink more palatable and enjoyable.  Drink the whole herbal drink and enjoy it.  No after taste has been experienced.