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The Real Time PCR test for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) viral load has been available for quite a number of years. The detection limit was 60 IU/mL, and later was lowered to 30 IU/mL or so. The detection limit at 12 IU/mL is certainly desirable as long as the cost stays the same or lower.

HCV replicates extremely rapidly. Theoretically, one live HCV virus can replicate itself into one trillion viral particles in a day. It would be nearly impossible to kill all HCV in one’s body with the existing FDA-approved antivirals, including the new protease inhibitors. We need to also rely on our immune system to contain and eventually eradicate the HCV invaders from our body, including the undiscovered hiden areas in the boldy, like lymphatic nodes.

I plans to collaborate with the manufacturers of protease inhibitors to incorporate HepC Herba™ and P-10 Herba™ with their protease inhibitors in combination with the interferon and ribavirin combination treatments to help people with HCV infections, including those who have chronic hepatitis C and HCV carriers. The use of HepC Herba™ and P-10 Herba™ shall help enhance the containment of the viruses at potential undetectable levels through long-term maintenance usages once the virus has been controlled mostly and quickly through the protease inhibitors. HepC Herba™ and P-10 Herba™ can also protect the liver, restore and maintain normal liver function possibly throughout the natural life expectancy, and avert most of the severe adverse side effects from the protease inhibitors and interferon and ribavirin combination treatments.

Our Taiji for Chronic Pain Management Workshop program using taiji chuan and neigong relaxation exercise and meditation may have a very good chance to help on the depression and suicidal tendance adverse side effects from the conventional antiviral drug treatments. We now may have a good chance toward a cure or at least quasi cure for the chronic hepatitis C patients and the HCV carriers. I will raise funds to do the work towards this goal.

You are welcome to spread the news and my e-mail to all your contacts who have HCV infection, either with chronic hepatitis C or being the HCV carriers. They are welcome to send in their inquiries and questions to me directly through the e-mails or letters or through you. Good luck!

Sincerely, Shie-Ming Hwang, Ph.D.



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